Number 52 – Rock Me Hard Baby

Mike (34)

From the shores of Sunapee
To the Sierras of Tahoe
For the show which will be
The first of the three

Not every song I introduce to you in this book will have a close meaning, a close relation, or some kind of special meaning. Sometimes they might just be a Bad Ass Fuckin’ Song!

The song I’m setting up for number 52, has no meaning to me, other than I love when these guys do their brand of this genre, and on top that, the man has THE  voice for this type of song..

So, if you don’t mind, I wanna’ stay on the same page a bit, and just let this man go!

When Aerosmith started out, and even back in Joe’s “Jam Band” days, the boys had some really different influences. One of those influences was early Fleetwood Mac, I mean EARLY F.M., and their style of good ole’ American Blues. Aerosmith would often play an old standby version of “Rattlesnake Shake”, as if “it might as well be” their own, as Steven says on an old bootleg recorded in either September, or October of ’73 (the actual recording date still seems to be unclear), but yeah the one for the Cincinnati radio station. Great frickin’ record!… But I Digress

Joe has said many times before, he would love to play more of their stuff, but at the time felt he/they weren’t good enough. At least not until this album.

Personally I’m thinking Joe’s singing in their earlier days left a lot to be desired. (No offense Joe). But as time went on, and the success of the late 80’s and 90’s gave credence to just Who The Fuck these guys were, and ARE, and as the drugs faded away, Joe slowly, but eloquently, became what he always had the potential to be. He became what Steven and Elyssa saw from Joe’s Jam Band days at The Barn, what Joey, and Tom, and Brad, and even Billie saw all along.

He was finally ready to play, and even sing the songs of some his idols. He was full, he was confirmed, he had emerged as not just the Lead Guitarist of Aerosmith, behind Steven, but as the Rock Star he is! He was accomplished. He was not only good, he was great! He was Joe Fucking Perry! But he was still Joe through, and through. And he, more than anyone else, wanted to pay tribute to where this band came from… the American Blues, via England and back to the good ole USA. He wanted to tell the world, this is what we are, where we came from.

In 2003 the band finally felt they were good enough. They were ready to make the album they’d talked about, and wanted to make for years. No longer afraid of the possible consequences, like being criticized. Nope, they already made their way, they already proved themselves. They went into Joe’s basement studio to work on what might be one of their proudest albums they had made since ROCKS. Jack Douglas came back to help out, and they just all got together and recorded what was mostly live sessions, playing together, using single takes on the music they loved so much.

This album birthed maybe one of the best, and most professional concert tours I’ve ever seen, Absolutely my Number 2 of all time! They had fun… Real fun! You could hear it, and if you were lucky enough to see this tour, you would have seen genuine fun! No… This is no “act”… This is a show with 5 guys that love what they do…

All of you from the new century, this will give a taste of ’73. You just can’t beat this shit! I will say this again, and again, until the day I die… If you are ever lucky enough to Steven play the Harmonica right in line with Joe, you truly have “Seen It All”!

However, if you want to see 9+ minutes of Joe just being Joe, I highly suggest you search YouTube for Stop Messin’ Round Costa Rica 2010

Enjoy this tribute to early Fleetwood Mac, and their home town Boston Boogie Blues. I don’t know if it’s as good as Peter Green, but its Aerosmith good…

And that’s really Fuckin’ Good!

This is “Stop Messin’ Round”