Number 59 – Transcedental Vacation

Mike (37)

Don’t be judgmental,
it may be a trip…
but it’s a cool little instrumental
with a bit of a grip…

Not sure anyone will get this… I just really dig this song. No real reason why. Maybe just because it’s so different. No meaning behind it, that I know of at least. And good luck finding anything on it at all. The vocals are… who knows? Gaelic? I’ve read that people say they can translate it into Scottish? Maybe, maybe not, but if you play this loud, loud with headphones, not ear buds. It will just kinda haunt you… I’ve tried to use Google Translate, but it just doesn’t make sense. I’ve read and heard, trying to research, that the lyrics are secret, that Steven will not say… So if you know, I’d love to hear what you have to say

I really like when this band steps outside of their box, to just try stuff, different stuff. When they play with sound… It’s always good. Listen to Kings and Queens. Yeah, it’s a rockin’ song, but the lyrics speak to Steven’s belief that he’s been here before, and this time he’s here to tell a story. It’s Joe’s desire to play with feedback, distortion and stretch sound… It’s transcendental like… They’ve had a few of these through out their career, their history. It’s just a feeling… Not sure where it’s going or where it’s been, but like Number 61, I think it’s about 5 minutes too short. When I hear this I want to keep listening, a lot like watching an old Viking movie or something like that, and maybe that’s where the title comes from… What do I know? Mary says it’s all about the listener’s interpretation, what they got from it, much like how we see films differently. Continue reading Number 59 – Transcedental Vacation