Number 15- “Get The Fuck Off ‘A The Fence!”


You won’t hear this one in a show. Not anymore… Although, we may need it now, more than ever before…

Some of you are just gonna’ be a bit too young to get this, and for those that fall into that generation, I only ask that you ponder the thoughts of how we have gotten to where we are today. Then, some of you will vaguely remember, and then some will remember vividly, what I’m about to convey with this interpretation of a fantastic song. A song that conveys the ‘wild’, the untamed, the problems of a society at almost the point of rogue, under the intention of covert and even sometimes overt. In no way is this solely about American society. It can’t be. It’s about a world. A world of people in desperate need of guidance…

Before I get into this, please understand that I am in no way, a politician of any sort. And I allow people, all people their views on any subject matter. That in itself is one of the core ideals my country was founded on. So with that said, there are NO controversies being started here, there are NO conspiracies, or faults being laid. There are no specific lines being drawn, or even crossed. It is simply an interpretation…

Please remember the time period the song was written. The message still holds true decades later. That may very well be, my reasoning for it having such a high spot on my list. If a song can still mean something almost 30 years after it was written, that scores a lot of points with me. Of course, as we will soon see, not all songs have to have such a meaning at all…

Whether it be Admiral John Poindexter, or Colonel Oliver North, exposing truths and/or lies about the IranContra Affair, or the Kuwait Airways Hijacking, with the hijackers demanding the release of 17 Shiite Muslim prisoners held by Kuwait, leading to 16-days of Terror and 2 passengers killed, before it ended, or New York City Garbage Barges with nowhere to take human beings’ waste of products, or the truth behind the Pan Am 747 bombing over Lockerbie, killing all aboard, and 11 on the ground, or the U.S. Navy shooting down an Iranian airliner, saying they thought it was a fighter jet?, or the constant demolition of the Rain Forests in South America, and or even the wild (?) fire that ravished 750,000 acres – 36% of Yellowstone National Park, or even today’s so called and self appointed militias squatting on public lands, and taking the land by armed hostile force, for no apparent reason, other than they disagree with the country that gave them the right to disagree, or that someone is shot by Federal agents because he wanted to go out as a martyr for nothing more than land rights that were legally sold 50 years ago. It’s unclear what the message in this song was about, but there is a message. You figure it out…

They’re not going to tell you what kind of opinion you need to have. They’re just going to ask that you “have a fucking opinion”! They’re not going to tell you which way to look at it, they’re just going to ask you to “look damn it”! The group does not often get political, except on very few occasions. They’re not gonna’ get so deep as “Another Brick in the Wall”, or “Allentown”, or even Springsteen’s “Born In the USA”. They’ve never been the group to create a song of sorts, against a certain type of economics that may be affecting their fan-base, while they live high on the hog. They don’t patronize, or piggyback on a cause. They have their own beliefs, in which they give themselves to, and for the most part, they are not trendy. For example; their recent tour in Japan after the tsunami, “Rock for the Rising Sun” Tour, was in large part, a Charity Relief tour. They also became very involved in Boston Strong, with charity shows after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. And just this past year Jo and Steven have taken on even more charities to reach sio many in need. Not politicize, but just simply to make a difference.

Once in awhile a song comes out, that has so much meaning, it becomes timeless, and you’re able to apply its message to any day and age. Although it may very well be about a specific date and time, its message lingers past a moment. There is pure emotion in this song, from the bass line, to the drum beat, to the battling guitar riffs. It’s almost like Joe and Brad are conversing in that language that we all understand, but don’t speak. We can just listen, to the emotion they are handing out. And when Steven throws his voice into the song as not only a lyricist, but as an instrument, as he has done since day one, like no other vocalist in Rock History, the song becomes a passion!

Aerosmith also touches on religion in this song. Over my years of being a fan, I have read people’s intrigue on whether or not they have Christian beliefs, or anything similar. Just to be clear, they have answered all of those questions ten fold. with Joey’s Jewish upbringing, and Steven and Joe’s Christian homes, there might be a question or two that Tom and Brad can still be asked, but the essence of what they believe, has been told many, many times. What they have often conveyed is a simple belief. They are not going to ask you to believe in the same vain. They are only going to ask you to accept their views and their privacy in the matter.

But with this song, they indeed are not only asking for help from the Divine, or even Spiritual world, they are saying straight out, that we need it, whatever and wherever that help comes from, it’s desperately needed! So, yes they address religion in a sense, but in no way do they box it up.

So listen to your own heart’s content. Listen and decide where you want to apply the message. Listen and have an opinion. I have my own ideas of what this song is about, I believe my clues are in the above paragraphs. And although, they do not lecture you, and/or tell you to “bring more money, because all she wants to do is dance”, they do go a little deeper. What they’re trying to say is; the decisions we make have consequences, let’s try to make better decisions, before we put our faith in something, or someone else that may or may not exist.

Aside from the message within the actual lyrics, I can personally relate to Steven’s opening lyrics to introduce a sense of “wild”, a sense of “alone”, not loneliness, just alone. Remember, It’s a story… He’s telling a story. But he’s telling that story from a sense of relation. No, he was never abandoned as a child, but he has real and true memories of such a time that felt as if he was alone in the wild, not only as a young boy, but also as an adult. In that opening, I share that relation.

No, I was never left in a forest with wolves. But I do know what it’s like to raise yourself at a way, way too early age, because your parent moved out, and left you to fend for yourself, “left there for dead”. It’s a very odd sense of wild, but wild non-the-less. We often think, as young adolescents and young adults, and even as parents of late-teen children, that the golden age of 18 is the time to make your own way in life. It’s often a time of extreme tension and desire to set out on your own. I can attest to the fact, that it is just a number. The world is a very difficult place at 18, 19 years old. I can attest further, it’s more difficult 3 and 4 years before the “Golden Age” of 18.

Guidance is a much needed and beautiful thing in this world. It’s such a pity that some of us are above it. Such a pity that some of us refuse it…. It’s an even a greater pity that some of us are never offered it. I’ve been lucky…There are so many out there who weren’t, or aren’t. It can affect your ability to simply have a relationship in a way to just function properly in society, let alone any semblance of what might be considered a normal life, or a healthy relationship with loved ones.  I say this now, for only one reason, not to have you open your wallet, and or your home without question, but to simply take another look out a different window…

So many are left there… for dead… Right now as we speak, we have so many of our own, who’s views of so many over seas, is better off Left there for dead. Maybe personal experiences need to be had, before one can feel what it’s like to just try, or worse “need” to survive. Maybe people need to know how it feels to be truly abandoned, in order to have true compassion. I’m really not sure anymore, but it seems a valid question today.

So as you may look at the title, and main character of the song as a silly, almost aboriginal ancient belief…  I ask you this; Is it any sillier than any other faith, or belief in what cannot be proven?

In the immortal words of Steven Tyler;

By the way, if this isn’t turned up to “Eleven”, you might just miss the message….

“Sired by a Shaman… I was left as a child
Dragged from the cradle I was weaned in the wild
Running with the wolfpack
Flesh torn to shred no compensation
I was left there… for dead…”

“Everybody’s lookin’ at the sky
They don’t believe the cover-ups and lies
Yeah… they been tellin’ us since birth
Pissin’ off old Mother Earth
My gones are by-gones prophesized …”

This is; “Hoo Doo Voo Doo Medicine Man”