Number 16 – Take a Look Through My Kaleidoscope… You Might Just Like The View

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A lot of… No… MOST of the Old Guard from the Blue Army doesn’t give much cred’ to anything after Done With Mirrors. I say; why Draw The Line there? Mirrors was almost a Bullet In the Brain for this band. Yeah, Vacation’s commercial success gave them the Magic Touch for a second life, but that doesn’t mean that a true fan only recognizes everything prior, and the rest gets sent to a Hangman Jury! Because when Push Comes to Shove, you have to Let The Music Do The Talking. I mean if Lightning Strikes twice then it’s No Surprise to me that these guys can put together some really great songs in the 21st century also. Take Awhile, Think About It”, could a band this good, with a Combination of this much talent and hard work, really not succeed again? As far as I’m concerned, Pump, Get A Grip, and yes, even Just Push Play and Nine Lives, show everyone that they were Back In the Saddle to stay. It’s Nobody’s Fault, except their own that these members of the Blue Army can’t feel all of the Sweet Emotion after 1979.

You know what though? We’ve heard this Same Old Song And Dance before from these types of people. They’re their own parents yelling upstairs; “Turn that crap down!” They’ve forgotten what it’s like to be Somebody who’s still young enough to get their Dream On. Nope, these guys surely have their heads down a One Way Street. When you get so caught up in your own perception, and your own time, all you do is remember the good ole’ days, but you’re so Jaded, that you may not realize the good ole’ days may be happening right now! I don’t know…Something’s Gotta Give, right? It all comes Full Circle sooner or later, so you might as well just enjoy the ride… And if not… well, I Just Gotta’ Go The Other Way, Yes I Do!…

So, if you’re still inclined to go Trip Hoppin’ in the Sunshine, or go chasing waterfalls, You Gotta Move damn it! So Stop Messin’ Round, let go of the negative, and it’s just Beyond Beautiful.

Just Push Play was Aerosmith’s experiment with Modern Rock. Maybe not the best album they did, but it’s definitely got some good songs on it. A few have made my Top 100, and a few more inside the Top 40. Joe has some really harsh words for the album, so I truly do understand where some people just don’t like it. I guess I should say; there’s a lot on it I don’t like, but there’s also a lot I do like. Just to be fair though, here’s Joe’s quote;

“I don’t think we’ve made a decent album in years. Just Push Play is my least favorite. When we recorded it there was never a point where all five members were in the room at the same time and Aerosmith’s major strength is playing together. It was a learning experience for me: it showed me how not to make an Aerosmith record.”

I guess he really doesn’t remember making Draw the Line. You’d think he learned that lesson once already….

What is “Trip Hoppin” anyway? Wiki says it’s;
“A chemically induced style of dance in which a white male attempts to move his body as if he is a hip hop artist. Often done at Grateful Dead-like concerts or during bluegrass sets of the Shotgun Brothers.
That dude was trip hopping like a stoned-out wigger.”

Wow! ReallY??!!

There’s another idea of “Trip Hop”, but I don’t think this song really relates to the scene of music it shares a name with. From what I understand about the song’s namesake type of music, this song doesn’t reflect “a genre of electronic music”. It doesn’t sound like it’s “synthetic”. I mean there are real guitars, and bass, and drums in this song, and it has actual lyrics, so although it may be experimental to these guys, it’s hardly experimental in the true sense of the word. I don’t think it contains a whole lot of soul, funk, jazz, or any type of fusion sound either, but there is a touch of each if you let it. At least for me there is. Who knows, maybe they went to a club in Europe, and this is what they got out of it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s Steven’s take on a new sensation that hadn’t happened yet.

Whatever it is, this song is fun! It’s fresh! It’s new! It’s catchy! It makes you wanna’ move and sing along. It makes you wanna get out in the sun! That’s what these guys do best. They don’t confuse you. They don’t lecture you. They don’t try to make you think like them. They just rock and roll… with a thanks to Tower of Power, and Dan Higgins for the horns on the song.

For lack of a better video out there, you can  Trip Hop through the attached that I made while on a trip, with my daughter Natalie, and two of our dogs Blue and Koda, to my own little piece of paradise close to Yosemite. No jokes about the fat old white dude! He still jumps! And besides, I think this video gets my interpretation across better than most anything else I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s why it has such a high place on my list, the video is what I see when I hear it…

I love the funk! I love the lyrics! I love the beat, the hooks, the solo, I dig this song… take a listen and then take a jump off that cliff!

And just so it’s clear: Hey Joe Perry; the offer is still open!

“I got a wild thing for you… huh
We’re talkin’ hoops you got me jumpin’ thru
You got those lemon drop martini eyes
And if my karma suits you
Cross the line into another place and time…”

Tell me how pretty she is
When she turns the colors of the rainbow…”

“In my kaleidoscope I’m lookin’ thru
My only color was a neon blue
I was hangin’ on to yesterday
And now the only way out is thru…”

This is; “Trip Hoppin’”