Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has always been the most outspoken member of the band throughout the years, as most great frontmen tend to be. Lead guitarist Joe Perry has usually let his guitar do the talking for him, up until now. He put his axe down long enough to put pen to paper and open up his soul for the entire world to read about. The end result is a New York Times bestseller entitled ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith. It’s a very honest look at Joe’s life in and out of one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. He tells of all the ups and downs, the drugs, how he managed not to kill Steven Tyler, and the unique bond between himself and four other bad boys from Boston. I spoke with Joe recently about his candid book and what the future holds in store for him. Continue reading INTERVIEW: JOE PERRY

Joe Perry for Rock Cellar Magazine

Rocks: My Life in and Out ROCKS Cover NY Times Best Sellerof Aerosmith, the name of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s new book  is a play on the band’s classic ‘70s album which spawned such classic tracks as Back in the Saddle, Last Child and Combination.

But it also serves to express how the musical community views this seasoned rock and roll star. Quite simple, Joe Perry epitomizes the word rocks. Continue reading Joe Perry for Rock Cellar Magazine

Just Pick Up the Guitar: An Interview with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry

There is, of course, no better man to tell the story of Joe Perry than Joe Perry himself, which he does in his new autobiography Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith (written with David Ritz). PopMatters sat down with Joe Perry to talk about his career, both in and out of the book.“There’s a saying that you don’t have to sell a painting to be a painter.” Joe Perry explains. “You have to just pick up the brush and paint and then you’re a painter. If you sit down and you write poems, you’re a poet. I kind of feel like that holds true. Because who’s to say that you have to sell 100,000 records before you’re qualified to be a Rock and Roller?”
Continue reading Just Pick Up the Guitar: An Interview with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry


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