Aerosmith’s Last Child taken for a funky spin by hip hop duo


Scrub and Ace Ha’s Aerosmith-inspired rap is the final part of a series celebrating the joys of Classic Rock

Rapper Scrub and producer Ace Ha have released Plastic Rock vol. IV, the fifth part of a series that uses classic rock songs as a basis for something altogether more different. The latest song to enjoy the Plastic Rock treatment is Aerosmith’s already-funky Last Child, the lead single from 1976’s Rocks album.
“We’re both from the Midwest where classic rock is king, Scrub tells Musical Notes Global. “The things I really loved, like skateboarding and hip hop, were on the fringe, but squealing guitar was in abundance. Those influences eventually sunk in, so it felt completely natural to turn a few of these anthems on their heads.

“Each song in the series is stylistically different so the five videos together serves as a good introduction to where we venture musically. This series is intended to be fun and maybe encourage people who don’t typically check for hip hop to have a listen.”

The first four releases in the series were based on Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4, Joe Cocker’s Feelin’ Alright, Golden Earring’s Radar Love and Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Takin’ Care Of Business.

“For our fifth instalment of Plastic Rock we wanted to do something more slamming and abrasive,” says Scrub. “Ace hit me with this Aerosmith flip and I knew instantly it was perfect. It reminded me of some of my favourite Rick Rubin joints. To make things more interesting, I laced the verse with the titles of 18 songs from Aerosmith’s catalogue. Can you find them all?”

Well, can you?

By Team Rock

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