Alice Cooper and Joe Perry on Hollywood Vampires’ Drunk History

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How two rock legends teamed with Johnny Depp to create an album that paid tribute to Cooper’s old drinking club
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Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper perform in Phoenix in 2012. Here, Cooper and Joe Perry discuss their group with Depp, Hollywood Vampires. Rick Scuteri/AP

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry have every right to be jaded. Each has sold millions of records and chalked up hits over several decades. But their eyes still light up when they talk about the recent adventure they shared, recording with one of their childhood heroes.

“Paul McCartney just opened up an instrument case and there’s his Hofner, left-handed bass, the most famous guitar in the world,” Cooper says, grinning. “We were standing around it like Indiana Jones looking at it, like it’s got its own light source and our faces are melting over it.”

“I asked him a question about it, and he said, ‘Here it is. It’s OK. Pick it up,’” the Aerosmith guitarist beams. “I actually got a chance to hold it, and it was like the Holy Grail.”

“Paul says, ‘It’s just a piece of wood,’ and starts playing it and I said, ‘Holy crap!’” Cooper rejoins in his typically confident manner. “To us, that bass a symbol of how we started.”

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