How Good a Guitarist Is Johnny Depp? Joe Perry Asked Him for Lessons

Johnny Depp may be known chiefly as an actor, but don’t underestimate his guitar skills. Joe Perry was so impressed by Depp’s playing that he asked him for guitar lessons, says Alice Cooper.

Cooper, who performs with Perry and Depp in the group Hollywood Vampires, tells EonMusic that Depp’s guitar knowledge is deep.

“Johnny is one of these guys that just loves that era, and he’s a killer guitar player,” Cooper says.

“There’s a movie called Chocolat and he plays this gypsy guitar player. He does all this Django Reinhardt stuff—and it’s really him. It’s not somebody playing for him.

“Joe Perry heard that, and he called up and said, ‘Can I get guitar lessons from you?’ So that’s how good Johnny is.”

Depp does indeed play guitar in the 2000 movie, and performs on two songs on the movie soundtrack album, including “Minor Swing,” heard below.
Hollywood Vampires released their self-titled debut album last year. They’ll be playing dates in North America and Europe in the coming months.

Cooper, meanwhile, is recording with the members of his original Seventies-era band.

By  Christopher Scapelliti for Guitar Player

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