HONORABLE MENTION – Creme de Gardenia, Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Aerosmith songs countdown

How do you write about a song that
no one liked?

How do you like a song from an album
that the leader of the band dissed so badly

Look… I like what I like. Maybe it’s Joe taking center stage, maybe it’s Steven’s awesome back up vocals, maybe there’s no real reason at all…

Even though the album debuted at #2, with almost a ¼ million copies in the 1st week, it doesn’t seem like too many people liked it. Not even Joe.

Joe said;
I don’t think we’ve made a decent album in years. Just Push Play is my least favorite. When we recorded it there was never a point where all five members were in the room at the same time and Aerosmith’s major strength is playing together. It was a learning experience for me: it showed me how NOT to make an “Aerosmith” record.

Stephen Erlewine, who has never been kind to the boys from New Hampsha’ didn’t quite know what to say, which didn’t help, calling it their best work since “PUMP”, but then critiqued them for “Not acting their age”…  Then in classic Erlewine fashion he pulls the Jagger/Richards card and compares their first production under the name “The Boneyard Boys” to Mick and Keith’s “The Glimmer Twins”. The man just can’t get out of his own box.

Others, like Blender mag, along with a few others basically tore it up. But the worst was; Darryl Stredan who said; “They’re not a band anymore, they’re a marketing company, and they should just stop producing new music.” Shit even UltimateClassicRock.com ranks the album the 14th worst Aerosmith album out of 15, but then they ranked Nine Lives 15th worst, so…? And a lot of these guys said Nine Lives was worse… What the fuck??? Is it just me?

The song itself was at the very bottom of all critiques of the album, so I guess I’m pretty alone here, but I love the psychedelic mood of it, and hell I hated psychedelic back in the day… go figure. I know the whole album consisted of trying new things and new songs and new sounds, maybe that’s why I like it. These guys never sold out. They just kept creating new stuff.

Rolling Stone, of all the mags! Highly unusual, they liked it… they had really good things to say about the album… maybe not this song, but… Then again, in true Rolling Stone fashion, they slammed it at the end and said Aerosmith hadn’t made a good record since ’76.

Maybe they called on Frederickson, and Hudson a bit too much on this one as they co-wrote almost the entire album…

Maybe it’s shit like this; for an Old Blue Army hormone crazed 16 year old dude:

“Rolling Stone:
New century, same old Aerosmith. Same five guys. Same iron-boned riffs and crack-the-sky choruses. Same dripping-body-juice metaphors too, like this fragrant spoonful from “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” on the band’s thirteenth studio album, Just Push Play: “Creme de gardenia/And black vaseline . . . She’s tasting like cherries/Sweet love’s grenadine.”

There’s a lot more really good things rolling stone wrote, but I’ll leave that for ya’ll to look up on your own, and just say this;

It makes me listen….

Joey liked… I liked it…

And if you don’t like it, well a lot of people weren’t thrilled with the 90s. Besides, we’re just starting out here…

I love Joe’s vocals, and the impact of Joey’s beats on this one. Steven gives a whole ‘nother dimension as a “Back Up” singer., and actually trades lead. Very, very unique for these guys…

“sss…. sweet almond eyes just to see and be seen
She’s naturally drop dead gorgeous
She tasting like cherries sweet love’s grenadine
She’s naturally drop dead gorgeous
Makes love like a rabbit to my velveteen
She’s naturally drop dead gorgeous
A ten with a smile like a young Norma Jean
She’s naturally drop dead gorgeous… gorgeous…”

This is “Drop Dead Gorgeous”


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