Joe Perry on the future of music at CES 2016


Music was a huge part of CES 2016 in Las Vegas last week, where some of the most cutting-edge headphones, speakers and sound equipment were on display. What’s Trending got the chance to talk to Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry as he checked out the latest technology at the Monster Booth.

Perry, who was ranked 84th in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, said that he was always aiming for the most realism from the speakers as possible.

“It’s tough, because most music fans listen to the music in those earbuds. You’re so limited with the physics of it. The bottom line is to give the listener an experience that feels like they’re in the room with the band. That’s what I’m always shooting for whenever I mix a record, whenever I write a song or play it.”

Perry joined Rick Ross, Ne-Yo and the remaining Jackson 5 at CES for Monster’s tribute to Michael Jackson. The event was emceed by Magic Johnson and Christina Milian, with Vassal Benford conducting the accompanying orchestra.

He seemed to appreciate the eclectic mix of musicians represented at CES. “The main thing is, as long as you can dance to it, it’s the shit. I just see a big mixture of different kinds of music working together, instead of there being a chart for country, a chart for hip-hop, a chart for classic rock. As far as artists go, I don’t see much difference.”

By Christine Linnell for What’s Trending

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