Joe Perry Says Aerosmith Band Mates’ Reaction to His New Memoir Was “Pretty Much What I Expected”


Last month, Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry released a memoir titled Rocks that delves into his life story and the many ups and downs he went through as a member of one of America’s greatest rock bands.  The book reveals plenty of details about the various conflicts that arose over the years between the lauded guitarist, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and his other band mates.

Without going into too many specifics, Perry tells ABC News Radio that most of his fellow Aerosmith members have read at least part of the book, adding that their reactions were “pretty much what I expected.”

“One of them said that they really liked it, and another one said, you know, thanks for telling the truth,” notes Perry.   “And Steven got about halfway through it, I guess, and texted me and said…that he dug the first half that he had read, and also liked the quality of the book and the pictures that I picked and all that stuff.”

Perry says working on the book was a very emotional experience, especially when he had to recall such incidents as the death of family members and his divorce from his first wife.

“I didn’t think that it was going to be as hard as it was,” he admits.  “But, you know, I had [my current wife] Billie‘s support and I knew I had to put that stuff in there if the book was going to…have some teeth, and so people could maybe learn something from what I went through.”

The 64-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer says one of his goals in writing Rocks “was to make it so that you didn’t have to be a rock ‘n’ roll fan to get something out of the book.”

He points out that some people who read the book, and who weren’t musicians, have commented to him that “they’ve suffered through the same kind of rejection, bumping into walls and how do you get over it, and all that stuff.”  Joe adds, “[T]here’s a lot about human nature that had to go into the book to make it a piece of literature and not just a journal.”

Perry also shared one of the main highlights of his life that occurred because of he was a member of Aerosmith.

“I got to meet Chuck Berry and play with him on stage at his 80th birthday,” says Joe.  “[H]e’s probably my biggest influence in the early days, and as a guitar player and as a songwriter.”

Perry also explains to ABC News Radio that although he and Tyler have had a contentious relationship for decades, as exemplified by so many stories that appear in Rocks, their bond as friends has remained stronger than their differences.

As an example, he recalls a fun day that he and Steven spent motoring off the coast of Maui in superpowered aquatic vehicles Tyler had bought.

“Those are the kind of [incidents] where our brotherhood could be mistaken for blood brother,” Perry maintains.  “And in a lot of ways we are, in spite of some of the things that have gone on between us.  It’s still there, you know?  And that stuff will never go away.”

By ABC News Radio

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