Joe Perry Says Aerosmith Will Tour This Summer


Even though Steven Tyler is planning to dedicate the bulk of 2015 to working on a solo album, his bandmate Joe Perry is certain Aerosmith will be touring this summer. But, given Tyler’s other commitments and the band’s disillusionment with the nature of the music business, there likely won’t be any new material from the rock veterans this year.

“I know we are going back on the road this summer,” Perry asserted in a recent interview, “so I’m not sure when we will have the time or be able to make time to get back into the studio. I know we plan on it, I just don’t know when.”

Perry, like so many musicians in the digital age, seems to be somewhat flummoxed by consumer habits in the 21st century, and Aerosmith might be at a point where they are ready to rethink the way they do business.

“From talking with the fans at the book signings, they were handing me vinyl instead of CDs to sign,” Perry said.  “Maybe going back and do vinyl and also release the songs online. We are wide open now and we’ll decide when we start thinking about putting out new music.”

Even if Aerosmith doesn’t get back on track in the coming year, Perry will have his solo work to fall back on. “I have about six songs for a solo project, as I’m always writing and working on new stuff,” he said. “Whether it’s a solo thing or an Aerosmith thing I’m not sure as we haven’t talked about specifics.”

By Rock Square

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