Joe Perry Says The Hollwood Vampires Is Exciting, But “There Is No Band Like Aerosmith”


Joe Perry called in to DJ Kramedog’s Karlson & McKenzie takeover show this morning to congratulate his bandmate of almost 50 years on the grand opening of his North Attleboro Rockin’& Roastin’ coffee shop.  

After spending some time apart doing different projects, such as Joey Kramer‘s coffee shop, Joey thinks that he and his bandmates will appreciate each other more. “I think once everybody gets away with doing all the projects we’re doing now – whether I’m doing my coffee or you’re doing another band and Brad and Tom and Steven – I think it’s a really great thing, because once we get back together, I think we’re going to appreciate more what is it that we have together,” Kramer told Perry. “That’s the thing,” Perry agreed. “Everybody goes off and does something else and you always come back with something new. Whatever you’re doing, it brings a new energy to the band.”
Perry says his side band is exciting, but that nothing compares to playing beside Steven, Joey, Tom, and Brad. “I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like playing with Aerosmith,” he says. “This band [Hollywood Vampires] is really exciting and it’s new, and even though we’re playing mostly covers it’s still a riot, but man, there is no band like Aerosmith.” “We came up in a time when we had to rely on an energy and the best songs we could write, and you know what, that paid off. And after 45 years it shows. You can’t top that.”

If that touched you, then you’ll probably need to grab a box of tissues for the end of the interview, because spoiler alert, two grown rockers exchange “I love yous” before hanging up.

By Alisha Jackson for 100.7 WZLX


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