Joe Perry shares his Christmas memories with the fans

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VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring music programs in America’s public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education. Today Joe Perry took over their Twitter account @VH1SaveTheMusic to share some of his Christmas memories and offer another amazing Christmas gift for his fans: his brand new EP “Joe Perry’s Merry Christmas ” is available for promotional download and 50% of today’s downloads will benefit VH1 Save The Music Foundation! He also donated an autographed guitar and answered a lot of Christmas-related questions. So here is what we learned about Joe Perry’s Christmas: 

1 of my fav memories includes having all of my family around for “snowless Christmas” and experiencing something different. We went swimming

What was your best Christmas present?

The Stratocaster of my dreams! Guitarist can relate

A fav gift that I ever gave was a Maine coon kitten, “Icon” to my wife. She was just as shocked as I was at the size of it.

Best gift from Aerosmith band mate was a custom made pocket knife from Hawaii. It was perfectly crafted

What are you planning on doing for Christmas and new years?

My plans this year hopefully include snow & Vermont. Let’s hope it comes back, it’s beautiful 

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

My favorite holiday movie is “A Christmas Story” we always play that a couple of times around the holiday. A close second favorite holiday movie is “Elf”. 

Do u receive gifts from fans this time of the year? Any favs?

I always get a lot of nice cards. Once I got a one of a kind Japanese guitar from a fan and I absolutely loved it. I still have it. Like a square banjo 

Have you ever spend the holidays in a place you would consider “exotic”?

I’d love to go to Tahiti one year with the whole family for the holiday

Any favorite Christmas dishes?

My favorite holiday food is garnet yams, yum! I love it with marshmallows on top. I love to make the cranberry sauce during the holidays. 

What do you want for Christmas?

SNOW with all of my family around ???? 

How fun was it making the Video for run Rudolph run?


Do you have any funny holiday memories?

Too many to count! 

I’ve got a holiday surprise for you all. But first, thanks you all for sharing your holiday memories with me, now I want to share something with you. 

I’m helping to #SaveTheMusic today by releasing my holiday single to you! 50% of today’s downloads will benefit VH1 Save The Music! Here is the link to my holiday songs.  Download today & 50% of proceeds will help #SaveTheMusic. With love, Joe Perry

Thanks again for sharing guys and I hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays! #SaveTheMusic – Joe

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