Joe Perry’s Involved In Some Interesting Projects Lately

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Aerosmith may not be doing a great deal these days, but guitarist Joe Perry is staying busy.

Joe Perry’s Involved In…     

Perry has been touring with his own band as well as working on material for a new album, his follow-up to 2009’s Have Guitar, Will Travel. But wait, there’s more…Perry has also played on a rendition of “Tulsa Time” for country singer Billy Ray Cyrus’ new album Set The Record Straight, which comes out November 10 and also includes collaborations with other rockers Glenn Hughes and Brian Adams as well as Cyrus’ daughter Miley and Loretta Lynn.

Perry has also written material for the SpongeBob SquarePants stage musical that opens November 6 in New York, joining a roster that includes Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler, the late David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper and others.

Aerosmith has reportedly been working on new music and hit the studio during its recent tour of Europe, but no plans have been announced yet, and the Hollywood Vampires, Perry’s ad hoc group with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, is slated to record and tour next year.

Perry tells us that the goal is to stay as busy and creative as possible:

“I’m always writing…And the way the music business is now I don’t really even think about calling it a solo record. I’m just gonna write music until I get bored with it, and so far, spending so much time in L.A. I’ve been able to cut probably two or three times the amount of stuff that I’ve been able to do, say, living in Boston. So it’s really been an interesting time for all of us.”


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