Johnny Depp, Joe Perry bit by bromance


Johnny Depp, left, is flanked by Joe Perry as they perform with The Hollywood Vampires band as part of the Hellfest metal music festival in Clisson, western France on June 22, 2018 (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

There’s nothing like a bromance between guys who jam together. Case in point: Johnny Depp and Lawrence’s own Joe Perry, both of whom have been shredding the guitar onstage overseas.

Depp recently presented his pal with the Kerrang! Inspiration award in London, gushing that it was the Aerosmith guitarist who influenced him to take up the instrument in the first place. The admiration is apparently mutual, with Perry applauding the musically inclined actor, who’s been touring with him and Alice Cooper as part of their rock group Hollywood Vampires.

“I don’t think he’d be up on the stage with me and Alice and the other cats if he wasn’t holding his own like he does,” Perry told the Press Association of Depp.

“He’s really a good player. He’s a musician through and through,” Perry continued about the Oscar winner, adding, “I don’t think of him as an actor. He’s a guitar player.”

Perry and Cooper also seem to have taken fashion tips from Depp, who reportedly has eight solos in the set they’ve been playing. The trio comprising the Hollywood Vampires has been looking like Jack Sparrow doppelgangers during their recent shows in Europe. Or maybe, they’re all just rocking Keith Richards chic — it’s hard to tell.

As a solo act, Depp has been gracing the headlines as of late — and not just for his pick-wielding prowess.

By Olivia Vanni / Inside Track for Boston Herald

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