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Number 100
Be careful what, and who you adore,
There’s always a trap under the floor…

From Joe’s admissions… at least publicly, this was one was written almost 20 years ago. It’s his angst on paper, in sound, in melody of those who stole the golden egg, so many years ago… So why now, on this last album? Why in 2012 does it make a record?

Is it really about all the money that they didn’t get so many years ago? Is it really about all the bad deals along the way? Is about the royalties never paid? Money owed, and bridges burned?… Money is always personal. You can call it business all you want, but when you’re in a man’s wallet, you’re in his pants, and that’s pretty fucking personal.

In an Interview, with Rolling Stone’s Steve Apelleford, in November of 2012, Joe said:;
“It’s a short bit of angst and pissed-off-ness about these people that ripped us off forever. The funny thing is that 20 years later, there’s a whole new batch of people I’m pissed off at. The lyrics still work.”…

As a fan, I can’t help but wonder after so many years, and so much success… of course this is before Joe’s book, “Rocks” hit the shelves, and I have to ask; “Joe who are you ‘Still’ pissed off at? You have a wonderful family. You’re immensely successful, as a member Hall of Fame band and most successful American band in history; Aerosmith. You’re a partner of a Hall of fame song writing duo. You’re renowned world wide as a solo, and honorary guitarist. You have adorning fans in multiple countries. You have made the money needed to set up your family for generations to come, Shit dude, you even had a Kick Ass BBQ Sauce line, that you gifted to ypour son Aaron… So what is it Joe? Wait…  ‘Who’ still pisses you off? Or was it a moment in time? A moment in recent time?

Look, I know it’s my “Fan’s disease to speculate your ass”, but damn if this one doesn’t ring of the phrase; “there’s a lot goin’ there!”

It was only 2 years earlier that Joe and the LI3 were interviewing and auditioning the likes of Sammy Hagar, Paul Rodgers, Lenny Kravitz, even Billy Idol (whoa!) But then Kid Rock too? Maybe Kid Rock helped the guys get pointed back in the right direction… Love Kid Rock’s quote; “I don’t want to be the bitch in the middle of your fight”. But how long was it going to take for Steven to stop pouting, and get back to work? And how long were the guys gonna’ wait?

“You’re making me wait like there’s no tomorrow
You’re taking from me what I can’t beg or borrow…”

Listen, you play, work, eat, live with someone long enough, you’re gonna’ fight. Whether it’s your buddy in grade school on the Tether Ball court, or your wife, it’s gonna happen. And over the course of 50 years, someone might just get butt hurt enough to walk out. Just not sure it’s a great idea, to try and replace the “bread winner”, with someone who’s in the “bread line”. I’ts my thought, when Josh Todd’s name started being thrown around, Steven became a little more serious.

So many stories about nobody visiting Steven in the hospital, or things said over “Spilt Steven”, but the fact is, these guys know it, they all know it, Steven knows it, but nobody knows it better than Joe, that Steven ain’t Steven Tyler without Aerosmith! Joe knows who’s had all the glory. He knows who’s had all the deals outside of the band. This has been ‘Something’ that has bothered Joe since he asked Steven to join “HIS band”…

Who knows when “all” the lyrics were written, was it 1990, or 2010, or 2012… I’m sure there’s truth to Joe’s story, but as has always been with this band, a helluva lot is known, But there’s a 100 times that amount which is unknown. They are family, always have been, always will be. They will keep it in that circle, so close. They will tell you a little, and throw a white lie out there because they “know just how to appease”, but there’s always more to the story…

I relate this very pissed off, angst driven song to some of my own histrionics life, also over the past 20 years. Maybe it’s just an insight you get as you get older, and truly come to a point in life when you just stop trying please those who can’t be appeased. Family can be the source of that angst, at least in my case that’s the source I find in this song. The manipulations and ‘plays’ of so called loved ones, only to further elevate their own sense of and believed deserved matriarchal status. When they have all they need, and they all they want is more. When you’ve done all you can to ask for peace, but instead are presented a sword.

I can also relate to Corporate America, at least in my case. When you give all you can, all you could, over the course of 25+ years. Your loyalty, your blood, your sweat, your bones, and yet it’s not enough…

“I will give you another peanut this year, if you give more than you are capable of giving any longer. “Listen it’s not our fault you’ve gotten older, and although your body is beat from what we’ve asked, we’ll never cop to it, besides there’s some young punk on the street that will do for less than the extra peanut”

When you find, the company you believed in as a young impressionable adult was pure, when you believed in the morals and values and principles they professed to the world and shareholders alike, only to find down the road that love is blind. To find that the words printed on paper are only veils to mask litigious intent. You find there’s “Something” there that you’re not being told, won’t be told. You find that, that “Something” you believed in so many years ago, has changed into “Something” that isn’t the same…

People wonder where the lines on our faces come from, why they become clearer… In my view, they are creases of the pages turned, the dues paid, but memberships unearned. You’ll see my point to be true, as you walk through the many hallways of life, you will run into those with memberships, and those without. Nevermind who paid, just look at what their dues cost them, and what their dues paid gained them.

Maybe the track on the record, comes from a peculiar place… But isn’t that usually the best source? Joe takes the lead on vocals, as well as he sets the mood with such an electronic blues sound. There’s a “tightness” to this song, that makes you feel the anxiety of what’s “Not Been Done”… Of what has not been resolved, but at the same time, it flows with the energy of a confessional.

This comes across, as though an argument took place, heavy and hard, and just before the hugging and kissing, just after the yelling and screaming, there’s that quiet anger still unresolved… “The Last Word” so to speak, before shaking hands, and moving on… Then with all of Steven’s pouting, and even If I think it’s justified, which at this point I’m not so sure. You just can’t demand no one is allowed to visit you, NO ONE! And then get pissed because no one came to visit. Either way, if I’m right on my take on how this one made it onto 2012’s MFAD, I like that Steven takes the high road and says; “This is a damn good song, I’d be honored to play the drums on it Joe, just like we did back on 1325…

This is my take… I have no proof, no credible sources. It’s just my observation of a couple of brothers whose love for each other, outweighs everything else. It’s good to get it out though…


“There’s something that tells me
Your life has changed
There’s something that tells me this isn’t a game
There’s something that tells me that’choo hit the floor
There’s something that tells me that’choo got everything you need
But all you want is more…”

Off of MFAD, this is “Something”

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