Number 85 – Fun While It Lasted, But I’m Kinda’ Hopin’, Were Past It…

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Son, you’re at ‘No’ right now, it can’t get any worse, but just imagine where it could go from there…”

There’s only a couple reasons why I have this one higher than “Thighs”, and none of them are because I think it’s a better song. Some of the reasons may have to do with what this song did for the band, or any of the other reasons might be because there’s no way it can be misinterpreted. Maybe because of the raunchy sophomoric style in which it’s written but, make no mistake about it, this is the real deal.

Any guy out there that has a past, worth writing about, even if it should never be published, or even if it won’t be read by anyone, knows this story… Maybe not the same exact details, but it might not necessarily be the elevator… It could have been the restaurant, the theater, the city park… Now of course, there’s has to be a girl, a woman, or ‘women’ that were ready, willing, and able to play the part. I mean it really does help. And “thank god for her!” the trick is finding that girl, and then knowing she’s all for it, and then some… Timing is everything…

The song is fantasy in reality, reality becomes fantasy. Sometimes you have to make it happen… Sometimes it just happens… The trick is to live in the moment… To not say “no”… To not think; “we can’t do this”… To give into raw passion. To not let guilt, or prudish thoughts block the avenue of what can be a memory of a lifetime. You have to be not just willing, but capable, of relishing in the now…

A piece of advice, not original to me, but it very well could be… To all the young men out there in the world; “Don’t be afraid , don’t be shy… You’re at ‘No’ right now, it can’t get any worse, but just imagine where it could go from there…”

This one makes me and a few others, I’m sure, kind of chuckle a bit, and maybe even reminisce. Don’t get me wrong, I raise my glass to all the Joe Perrys in the world. I actually have deep respect, and even a bit of envy, for the guys who were content, the 1st or 10th time around. But for those of us on the other side of the coin, oh… The stories that we could tell… This is one of those stories… And he writes it, and tells it sooooo very very well!

In an interview with “The Guardian” Steven reminisces about the story the song is about. Now of course, like all great Aerosmith lore, there’s a few stories out there, each one a bit more exaggerated than the other. But as he tells it; They were at Hotel party, in the Hot Tub with a few people around, when he and a female (some versions, say there were two) of the… well let’s say; “not so shy” type, decided to take the party upstairs to his hotel room, of course already ‘lit’ from the earlier cocktail party in a 104 degree hot tub, Waiting to get to the room seemed like an eternity, and when you feel the need, it’s sometimes hard to heed…

”Me and this girl, we were full on getting it on and, you know, it’s a lifetime from the top to the bottom floor but suddenly the doors opened in the lobby and there were all these people – not children, but, you know, people. I was like, ‘Holy Fuck!’ ”
“Gotta be a real fast talker…”

He went on to say; that he loves sex and says “if people made love more often, the world would be a much happier place…. What’s missing in the world is that people don’t get laid enough….It’s not just about fucking, it’s about making love and unbridled passion. The world doesn’t make love enough.”

I think most of us would agree to this, and maybe even a cooler place if world leaders would just spark up once in awhile.

It really is one of those Steven and Joe gems that just screams sexuality from vocals and music… But not in the romantic sense at all. It’s purely fraternal, with Joey just “bangin’ the crap out of the drums, he maintains the level of energy, and then hands it off to Joe and Brad, right after the 2nd chorus so they can step it up. It’s another level, communicating the instant passion Steven’s trying to communicate with the lyrics. If you listen closely you can hear the trade off between Brad and Joe for the lead with Joey’s beats as a “bridge” to each other. The two lead guitars give the listener the feeling of more than one character in the story, not just Steven, but the girl. It’s almost as if you feel the energy before they enter the elevator, and then instead of settling until you get to the room… as soon as the fucking doors shut “IT’S ON!”

Extremely successful, the song was exactly what this band needed to keep them on a “rise”, ‘goin’ up’ after Vacation. The video was exactly what MTV wanted from Aerosmith, and coolest thing was, it was so easy… It was a story right out of the fucking “handbook”!!!… so to speak. It was fun, but more than that, it was believable. The 1989 1st single release on “Pump” climbed to #5 on Billboard’s Top 100, and #1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Internationally, paving the way for “Janie” to go on to even better success.

In the video there’s a short line by a female (Brandi Brandt) elevator valet saying; Oh… Good morning Mr Tyler Going Down?” with her eyes going downward in his direction, flashing back to Steven raising his eyebrows, and that hallmark ST snicker… the sophomoric humor of the band plays well within the video, as well as the sex appeal. The guys love to have fun, with everything from Joey Kramer dressed up like a woman, and Brad being hypnotized by fake models, turning into real girls, and Joe and Billie both topless, to the Tin Man and Dorothy…

I give it its place for the rocket ship it provided… Oh, and a… I love the word “sassafrass”

“Gotta get my timin’ right… woooa
It’s a test that I got to pass… yeah
I’ll chase you all the way to the stairway honey… (woooa)
Kiss your sassafrass…”

This is “Love In An Elevator”


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