Aerosmith guitarist sends greetings to Peru


Joe Perry, guitarist of legendary U.S. rock band Aerosmith, sent greetings and invited Peruvians to the group’s concert set for October 24th at Lima’s National Stadium.

Aerosmith will arrive in Peru within framework of its farewell tour also hitting South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.
After retiring from stages due to medical reasons, the musician dedicates his time to get ready for his last South American tour.
Likewise, he works in parallel on his musical project known as: “Hollywood Vampires” led by Alice Cooper, which aims to pay tribute to dead rock stars from the 70’s.
As is known, the band —also composed of Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer— became a music industry phenomenon thanks to hits “Sweet Emotion,” “Crazy,” and “Walk this way,” among others.
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